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I analyse businesses, advice entrepreneurs, and help with growth financing. 

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Marko Seppä

PhD Corporate Strategy

Owner & COB

Services to enterprises and entrepreneurs

Growth strategies, partnerships and financing

Sometimes advise and insights from an outside professional are the best medicine for a company’s situation. I can view your company from different perspectives and put myself in your position to reach decisions. Many quick assessments have led to longer and wider projects and deeper partnerships.

When chemistries, competences and goals match up, cooperation may lead to knowledge investments to pursue fast growth via expansion of owner base. I have served as co-entrepreneur in nine different growth enterprise projects. For the time being, VCC has two portfolio companies.

I’m specialized in business and market analyses, growth strategies, partnerships and financing. My company has served tens of enterprise customers across sectors and industries. These enterprises represent several different business models and all stages of development from pre-seed to full maturity. What all these firms have in common, is curiosity towards new opportunities and the dedication of owners to constantly seek growth and renewal for their businesses.

My services to financiers and enabler organisations

Enterprise evaluations and training of entrepreneurs

Business creation and growth comprise a demanding domain of competence. My toolbox covers the market’s best practices and emerging innovative solutions from top European, American and Asian universities. These can be useful when creating unique solutions for your organisation’s needs in given situations.

One of my legacy projects is the Runway-to-Growth (R2G) method and the Kasvu Open growth company competition it enables, which I created for Central Finland Chamber of Commerce. I’ve also launched market-entry and export programs to Asia and America and evaluated hundreds of growth funding applications for the European Commission. I’ve trained startup ecosystem builders in Vietnam and e-business professionals in India. I’ve also shaken and stirred entrepreneurship educators in Africa, developers of digital commerce in China and OECD decision makers in Brazil.

Overall, I’ve completed 100+ different assignments for roughly 30 financiers, enabler organisations and universities. All my customers are innovation leaders within their domains, all actively experimenting with bold projects to push the envelope.

When it comes to growth of an enterprise, the responsibility of owners is undividable. But ownership can be divided.