The story of my company

I founded Venture Capital Corporation VCC Oy as my private investment company in 1989, but it soon expanded into specialised consulting. VCC’s first customer was CapMan for assignments in the US, in 1990-1991. This was a part-time practice, but professionally essential, when I ran business creation experiments at universities in Tampere and Jyväskylä in 2001-2011. VCC made five knowledge investments during those years.

VCC became my full-time business in 2012. In 2014, VCC was selected as service provider for an SME growth development program sponsored by Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy. In 2015-2018, VCC also served several assignments to boost the startup ecosystem in Vietnam. VCC’s latest focus has been in the development of portfolio firm Global Enabler’s new digital tools to enable growth financing for Founders and Financiers.


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The founding partners of Panostaja Oyj apprenticed me as business creator and venture capitalist in 1986-1991. I then founded the group’s pioneering Russia venture capital arm, FVC, and led it through an MBO in 1993, expansion to Baltic Countries and finally Trade Sale and exit phase, which was completed in 2000.

After seven years as entrepreneur in cross-border VC business, I defended my PhD on the strategy logic of the venture capitalist. I then buit e-Business Research Center eBRC as part of eTampere (2001-2005), a local pilot of eEurope, and served as Invited Professor of Growth Venture Creation at JYU (2007-2011). To conclude my university career, I created and launched Kasvu Open, the rewarded SME growth mentoring program.

I have mentored and supported entrepreneurs, financiers and enablers as advisor and co-entrepreneur for over 30 years. Since 2018, I’ve helped create new innovative digital venture financing tools as Co-Founder & CEO of Global Enabler, and allocate 100M€+ to over 50 SMEs as Jury Member of EIC Accelerator.

Business creation and growth comprise a demanding domain of competence

To me, it is people realizing a selected business opportunity, arousing demand, generating sales and creating customer value -- and producing returns to prove it -- by using companies as vehicles, together.

It is connecting incompatible dots: people machines, money, good & bad days, 24/7.